Safe to view 4k TVs at a close distance?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by pianoman88, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. pianoman88 macrumors regular

    Aug 20, 2010
    I'm considering replacing 2 24-inch monitors with a Samsung 4K TV between 40 and 50 inches. Advertising suggests minimum viewing distance of ten feet. This would be less than three feet in my case.
    Any health concerns? I'm guessing that radiation won't be an issue. Perhaps too bright?

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    10 feet is way too far. I don’t know where this minimum distance coming from. But for 16:9 TV, the optimum distance is 2.5x diagonal line. Even 50” TV, the optimum distance is just 100”, a bit less than 9 feet.

    And this is just the recommendation for watch TV. For movie, THX recommend 1.2x diagonal line to provide 40 degree view. In this case, for your 40” TV, it’s just 4 feet away the TV. I really can’t see how can a minimum distance is >2x the optimum distance.

    The fact is, radiation is not a concern at all. I am not sure which kind of radiation you are worrying about, but if what you are thinking is nuclear radiation, that’s virtually not exist in modern flat TV. (P.S. visible light is also a kind of radiation)

    Native setting may be too bright for that distance, but it can be calibrated.

    Anyway, I occasionally use my 84” 4K TV within 3 feet. I am still alive and no cancer yet :D

    (For your info, I was a Physics student in the uni, and used to work with some X-Ray machines. Even though I am nowhere near radiation expert, but still has some basic concept in this area)
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    The suggested viewing distance for a TV has to do with whether you need to turn your head to view the entire screen. If you’re used to working with multiple screens, this should be second nature. The second question is how large the pixels are - as you move closer than a certain distance, you start seeing them, which may or may not be of concern to you.
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    I bought a 40" 4k TV for use with my Mac Pro. The key issues being getting 60Hz, brightness and the gloss screen (matt would be much better). Other than that I've had no issues, although my head did fall off after about two weeks.
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    Well I hope you get better.

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