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    Oct 12, 2013
    SafeBoxPro, the BEST and MOST convenient private Photo&Video&Account App!
It provides multiple security mechanisms, and perfectly keeps your privacy away from peeping eyes.


How does it work?

    First, as a confidential application, you should be most concerned about is the safety issue, SafeBoxPro provides multiple protection mechanisms to ensure that your files are not violated: 

    √ Support login passwords - login password needed to access the application data
√ Support folder Password - each folder can additionally lock
    √ Support Photo File Encryption - unique encryption algorithm, even if others copy your photos, they can't see
    √ Support pseudo password - when you are forced to enter a password, enter the pseudo password can show some irrelevant camouflage photo or video

Second as a good tool for everyone commendable, how can everywhere restrictions, charges?
    √ No number and capacity constraints, you can store as much photos&videos&accounts as you want

    √ No functional limitations, free to use all features

    Thirdly, as a powerful privacy protection tool, there are many of unexpected features:
    √ Support batch export photos or videos to your system album
    √ Support batch import photos or videos from your system album to the application

    √ Support send photo to email
√ Support send photo to MMS
    √ Support share photos to social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter 

    √ Support slideshow photos
√ Support play video
    √ Support beautify photo feature
    √ Support encrypted storage account, so you don't have to worry about remembering passwords

    What are you waiting for? Just push the button to have such a powerful, feature-rich, free confidential applications, no longer afraid of privacy photos, videos and accounts exist in my phone was peeping !
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If you have any comments or suggestions, please sent a letter, we look forward to your feedback !
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    Aug 22, 2013
    Does this App store any of the to a cloud based service or is this all on the phone itself?

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