Safely Increase Disk Space on Windows Partition?

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    I receive low disk space messages when I'm inside Windows via VMware Fusion. From Disk Utility, the size of Windows is listed as 466 GB and includes this note: "This partition will not be modified. Available: 466 GB. Used: 448 MB.

    For Bootcamp, the capacity is 33 GB and available space is only 802 MB.
    In Disk Utility, the Bootcamp volume scheme appears to be fixed or not changeable, and also includes the message: "This partition can not be modified."

    Is there a safe way to increase space in Windows and thus stop the low disk space messages from appearing? I use the word "safe" because of the following note that appears for Windows within Disk Utility: "This disk appears to be partitioned for Boot Camp. Changing the partition map may make this disk unbootable using Windows."

    I keep deleting files from Windows in order to save space, but a more permanent solution would be to increase the size of Windows. But apparently if Windows is too big in size, it may not function properly.

    Thanks for any tips.

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