Saints Row: The Third (Bootcamp/Virtual Machine?)


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Aug 31, 2012
Hey guys! So i recently got Saints Row: The Third Franchise Pack from Steam and i wanted to play it via Parallels/VMWARE on my 2009 iMac. So once it got done downloading, everything start's up fine. But then, It asks me if i want to run in DX9 mode or DX10/11. So first i went to DX9, it says "Saints Row: The Third has stopped working" Then i go to DX10/11 "Failed to create graphics device" so i went looking around then some other people had the same problem. I heard it was because Parallels/VMWARE doesn't read your graphics card or something like that, it uses it's own? Then some other people said Bootcamp should work because it does read your System specs so it should work? Are these true? Or is it a problem with my Graphics Card?

Edit: Has anyone gotten this game to work on Bootcamp or anything else?
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Sep 5, 2012
Stupid question, but do you have DirectX actually installed?

I have played it on my Mac but I honestly cannot remember if it as in Bootcamp or Parallels.

It should work either way, so I would recommend checking out the knowledge base article that bokdol posted above me and start there. That should help you to be able to play it in Parallels and it should run fine in Bootcamp without having to do anything special.

Fun game, btw.


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May 17, 2012
Parallels only supports DirectX 9 which most of the time is just fine, including in this case. With a newer game such as this though, it might be a compatibility issue with Parallel's GPU implementation and Saints Row.

If you run in bootcamp, odds are it should work fine, assuming they don't say your GPU is not supported in the system requirements for the game. In the case of using bootcamp an advantage is you are running Windows in such a way that it directly accesses your hardware. Parallels emulates PC hardware on OS X. Bootcamp is running Windows natively so to speak. This means any version of Direct X that your installed Windows supports is going to be an option for gaming, keeping performance considerations in mind. Each successive version of DirectX is more demanding of the GPU. Basically, if you installed Windows XP for some reason, you would be limited to DirectX 9.0c because Microsoft does not release higher versions for XP. For Windows 7, pick what you like but on a 2009 Mac my advice would be, choose the DirectX 9 option when running from bootcamp.

Just be sure you check the game's system requirements before bothering with bootcamp to ensure you can expect it to run or not.