Sal Fasono is a Good Guy

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by grapes911, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Here in Philadelphia we have a tradition of giving Phillies players their own fan clubs. Curt Shilling's "Shilometer" and Randy Wolf's "Wolf Pack" where the two most consistent groups, but others have come and gone. The newest edition, "Sal's Pals", is a tribute to Phillies newcomer Sal Fasano.

    I know what you are saying, "How did a career .220 hitting catcher who bounced around from team-to-team get his own fan club?" He's an Italian-American playing in South Philadelphia and he has a mustache like Paul Teutul Sr. from Discovery Channel's American Chopper, he was bound to get noticed.

    In interviews Fasano seemed very grateful for the extra love and attention, but today he proved he deserved it. During the third inning of tonight's game, Sal had a bunch of pizzas delivered to his loyal fans in the upper deck. Having only started a couple of game he received support from a group of people he doesn't even know, but he still he took the time to let them know that he appreciates it. By tomorrow the pizza will be gone, but this is something those fans will remember for a lifetime. Sal Fasano is an athlete who understands what it's all about. I wish more athletes took the time to say "thank you" to the fans.

    By the way, "Sal's Pals" walked the upper deck and handed out slices to every fan willing to accept one. These fans understand what it's all about too.
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    Wow, sounds like a good guy. That's the type of act that would make me a fan for life, regardless of how he does on the field.
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