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Jul 24, 2014
Hey all,

Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but I've been thinking about setting up Apple Pay for my phone and had a question about the fraud allegations being thrown around and thought I'd defer to some brilliant minds. :)
If I understand this correctly, since the fraud is committed by identity thieves who have a wealth of your existing personal information and are setting up iTunes accounts on new phones with Apple Pay, can you actually negate the possibility of them stealing yours by setting up Apple Pay on your own device? What I mean is, if they get your MasterCard and try to set up Apple Pay on a new phone but you've already had your MasterCard assigned to your personal phone, does their setup process become much harder or impossible?


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Feb 1, 2014
Short answer no, you can add your card to as many devices as you want. The difference is they can't be used until they are authenticated with your bank/CC company, which is something you have to do. So a thief could add your card to ApplePay but unless they know all your personal information and could get passed the authentication, then it's useless.
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