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    Jun 29, 2004
    First of all, holy *****.

    I just watched Baraka. Undoubtedly the most profound film I have ever seen. I highly suggest ANYONE to read this to rent Baraka. It's dubbed a "nonverbal nonfictional film". A montage of scenery, cultural imagery, and amazing timelapses.

    Anyway, I did some research, and found that the sequel is set to be released this year. The new film will be titled Samsara. Here's a description from th official website, from Ron Fricke, the mind behind it all.

    "'Samsara' will be a 'Fantasia' of the 1990's, a two hour odyssey that will transform viewers as they are swept along on a journey of the soul. Expanding on the blueprint laid out in 'Baraka' (1992), 'Samsara' will further explore the themes of interconnection and transcendence with a focus on cycles. Neither a documentary, nor a travelogue, 'Samsara' will take the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation. Four ancestor spirits will accompany us as we follow several families from different cultures through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. We will se clearly how this cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet and links us to the rest of the nature.

    I can't wait for Samsara.
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    I have never heard about this movie, thanks for the review and the head's up. Perhaps I will go rent it one of these nights. It sounds like the kind of movie I would enjoy. :)

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