Samson C01U + Softpre NOT WORKING under Leopard

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Laurent, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Laurent macrumors regular


    Apr 27, 2003
    Montréal, Québec
    I am a podcaster. I bought the Samson C01U microphone last year as I was told at that time it was the best in the entry-level for someone that was considering podcasting. There's an applet that is offered by Samson that allows Input Level Meter, Volume control, High-pass filter and Phase Switch. Every recording sounded great when I combine this applet with GarageBand.

    Recently, I switched to Leopard and the applet doesn't work anywore. Worse, recording audio with that mic gives me radically inferior quality. When I asked Samson about that matter, the support tech guy told me that there was no intention on porting this software on the new operating system, with the following:

    I've googled the matter several times with no one else noticing the matter but myself. Anyone else in a similar situation?
  2. Ben Welland macrumors newbie

    Mar 21, 2008
    I'm in the exact same situation.

    Only I don't use the C01U for podcasts. I use it to record vocals and acoustic instruments on all the demo recordings for my band.

    It's a total pain that SoftPre doesn't work in Leopard. Well. Actually it runs. If you check the "run using Rosetta" checkbox in the "Get Info" window in the Finder for the application. But... Even though I "can" get the app to launch on Leopard by checking that "Rosetta" checkbox, the preamp functions of the program don't work. In fact, it shows no input at all, even though Garageband "IS" getting input from the Mic.

    Maybe the app isn't really a Universal Binary, even though they say it is? Or maybe it's not a Leopard Compatible Intel app. In any case, they should update the app.

    I'm going to head over to Versiontracker (and MacUpdate), and see if I can find any third party software preamps for microphones.

  3. connorp macrumors newbie


    Jul 11, 2008
    Samson SoftPre

    I also have the Samson CO1u

    No, the softpre is not leopard compatible, and I would recommend uninstalling it.

    As far as the audio, the fact that it sounds garbled is a problem with leopard USB (and I think FireWire) audio. There is a workaround.

    1. Open Audio/MIDI Setup.

    2. Go to the Audio Devices Tab

    3. In the Properties For: Drop Down, Choose the Samson CO1u.

    4. Change the Input Setting for Format (I think this is the sample rate) to 48000 Hz (48 KHz)

    Here is a skitch screenshot of the process:

    Hope this helps, and I hope Apple  fixes this problem

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