Samsung 2253BW vs 23" Cinema Display

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by maclover001, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Hey guys/girls,

    Ever since getting my MacBook Pro, the quality of my other display looks like crap in comparison. I'm just curious if a 23" Cinema Display would look better, or if I need to get a new LED one to be comparable to the MBP screen.

    Yes, I have screwed around with color profiles multiple times, and it still just looks washed out and has a bit of a yellow tint, compared to the MPB screen. I like how on the MBP, the cat really "pops" out, whereas it just looks flat on the Samsung.

    Would an ACD be an improvement over the Samsung in terms of screen quality? I can't justify paying $900 CDN for the LED one.

    One more thing: If I put the Samsung on craigslist asking for a trade, how much cash should I offer (Considering the ACD is obviously worth more than the Samsung)?

    Thanks for your input.


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    Your Samsung 2253BW is a nice basic monitor but it is not comparable to an ACD 23 or 24.

    Your Samsung uses a lower end consumer grade "TN" type panel and controller which sacrifices sharpness, color gamut and accuracy for refresh speed (better for games and video) and cost. Also the resolution of your panel is only 1680x1050.

    The ACD 23 and 24 use IPS panels providing superior color gamuts, sharpness, viewing angle and resolution of 1920 x 1200.

    The older ACD 23 uses a Matte screen, the 24 a glossy. The ACD 23 is discontinued so it you want it you'll have to shop hard.

    As to the value of your Monitor on a site like CraigsList, etc, you might try listing it for about $140 -- I know that is a shock, but you can find the panel new starting from $166.

    Good luck.

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