Samsung 830 128GB SSD in MacBook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by slipknotgangsta, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. slipknotgangsta macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2012
    I have a mid 2007 MacBook and recently installed a Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD. I have quickly learnt after reading online that Samsung doesn't support firmware updates via Mac OS X.

    My question is whether it is absolutely necessary to upgrade the firmware, as I am technologically inept. Will I run into any roadblocks in the future if I don't upgrade it?
  2. flatfoot macrumors 65816

    Aug 11, 2009
    You'll probably be fine.

    However, the fact that they don't offer a firmware upgrade tool for OS X doesn't mean you can't upgrade the firmware via your MacBook.

    Usually SSD firmware upgrades can be applied using a DOS boot CD, which should work perfectly fine with your MacBook. It just depends on whether the upgrading tool supports HFS+ formatted disks, but that's something to think about when it becomes necessary.
  3. slipknotgangsta thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2012
    Thank you for your reply. Would you or anyone else be willing to explain and walk me through the DOS boot CD option? I haven't read about that anywhere.

    Also, I apologize for creating a new thread about this topic. I only realized afterwards that there was an entire thread dedicated to the Samsung SSD's and couldn't delete what I had already submitted.
  4. flatfoot macrumors 65816

    Aug 11, 2009
    Most SSD manufacturers offer simple DOS exe-files that upgrade your SSDs firmware. Those can easily be integrated into DOS boot CDs, which you can find online.
    Then you just have to boot off that CD and at the DOS prompt, start the exe-file.

    Whether the SSD is recognized when it's HFS+ (Mac) formatted depends on how the exe-file is programmed, i. e. how the upgrading tool works. The user can do nothing about it.
    The OCZ upgrading tool I once used on a Vertex 2 didn't recognize the drive, so I had to clone it, reformat it to FAT32 and afterwards put my data back onto it.
    The Intel upgrading tool I used a few days ago recognized my SSD, so I was able to just upgrade the firmware.

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