Samsung 840 fusion blackmagic low times

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by jwjsr, Mar 18, 2013.

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    My write and read times are less than half what they were compared to when I first installed in my 2012 mini DIY fusion running win8 under parallels in 10.8.3.
    In blackmagic it gives the option of selecting the target drive but the ssd is not listed as an option, if you choose "osxfusion" you are denied because it is "read only" you have to choose downloads, applications etcetc, is this normal? So I don't know if it is speed testing the hdd or the ssd?

    I also can't upgrade the firmware from mac side because i don't have an internal optical drive for the iso method.

    From the windows side the samsung Magician cannot find the SSD, I guess because it is fusion?

    Parallels has been acting up I'll probably do a complete reinstall of Parallels and windows.

    Could torch be the culprit?

    Could PrivitizeVPN be the culprit, I have heard conflicting reports, one stating privitizevpn is a virus.

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    Target Drives not accessible in BM Disk Speed Test after 10.8.3

    I'm also having an issue after updating to 10.8.3 selecting Target Drives from within Disk Speed Test. I enabled TRIM before update. I also noticed that "Import To Library" from iPhoto does similar stunt where window won't open when trying to open hard drives within the app. Can't find any other information or a fix for this problem.

    update: I logged into my other user account which is located on my SSD and the Disk Speed application works just fine as I'm able to click on the gear and open my Hard drives for testing. Something changed my main user account with the 10.8.3 update to my 2nd hard drive(original non SSD) to where some apps cannot open certain windows. Is there any way to fix this without downgrading back to 10.8.2?
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Fairhope, Alabama
    Are you doing fusion? are you running windows under parallels or bootcamp.?
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    I'm seeing slow results too. Only 109 read or write using the OWC Express USB3 enclosure. I've ordered a Toshiba enclosure to see if there's a difference.

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