Samsung authorized service or Verizon warranty refurb?


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Nov 26, 2011
I guess this is one of those "what would you do?" threads. I'm hoping to get some help deciding which option to choose.

My 6 week old Note 5 has a bad volume up button. I had the phone in a case since I bought it, but took it out to clean and run around naked for the day :)

I've noticed with the case that the up volume button was temperamental, to say the least. Ive always thought it was just the cheap case I had the phone in. The buttons aren't raised all that much and the buttons have very little feel with the case on.

But I found that with the case off, the up volume button sucks. It's mushy at best, and sometimes feels stuck. Ive tried using air to clean it out, but it's not any better. It needs to be fixed, and I have 2 choices at this point...

(1) I called Samsung and they sent me a warranty ticket. I send them the phone, and get it back in like 10-12 days. They either repair or replace. It's not clear whether or not I would receive a refurbished phone, or a new phone, if they can't fix my current one.

(2) Use my Verizon warranty. I have their best coverage. They send me a refurbished (according to the rep) phone in 2 days. I send the broken one back to them. I forgot to ask, and the rep didn't say, but I'm thinking I have a deductible to pay. (Anyone know what the deductible is?)

So what would you do? Authorized samsung repair, or Verizon refurb?



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Apr 25, 2012
Do you live near a Verizon corporate location? If so, go there and you should get a replacement. Heck, the better option would be to return the device under the 14-day worry-free guarantee. If you took it to the store less than 15 days after getting it you should be able to get a new device at no charge.


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Nov 6, 2012
I have had good luck the few times I have sent stuff to Samsung


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Jun 16, 2010
There shouldn't be any deductible if it warrantee, there is only a deductible if it's been dropped or if the warrantee has lapsed (which it hasn't since its for one year). I can't speak on Verizon, but the warrantee exchanges I've gotten from AT&T have been very good, like new devices without a single scratch.


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Nov 26, 2011
Got my refurb yesterday from Verizon. No deductible. So far so good. Everything seems to work well on the phone. Well except the battery. Didn't make it through the day. But my previous one didn't really either. Battery seems about the same really.