Samsung clp-315w won.t connect

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by GMAN1951, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Apr 25, 2010
    I have and issue, i bought a samsung clp-315w and after allot of doing finally got it to connect to my network and I was even able to add it as a bonjour printer. So at this point I thought that I had made it, I was wrong. Now when I send a document to the printer it sends it and then say connecting to printer and at this point it is not able to connect and then says it will try to connect to the printer again in 30 seconds but never does. I print out a configuration report and it says that is is connected to my network and everything. It should work, but it is not and I am at a loss.
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    Apr 25, 2010
    Got it to work

    I found this in the here somewhere and it fixed it. my issue was the DHCP in step 4
    1) Install the driver. I downloaded the latest from Samsung, but you can also use the cd that comes with the printer. You need the "SetIP" applet, which is in the setIP folder on the CD or in downloads (or spotlight to it) to continue.

    2) connect the crossover ethernet cable that came with the printer between the printer and the computer.

    3) TURN OFF YOUR AIRPORT ON THE MAC or you won't be able to connect to the printer through the cable.

    3) First, using the network settings on the mac, determine the COMPUTER's IP address and settings. Here were mine:


    start the "set IP" applet and change the ip address of the printer by pressing the refresh button (circular arrows) and then pressing the button that looks like a gear.

    Type in the MAC address of your printer that came up after you pressed the refresh button.

    Change the IP to be the same as the computer, except with the last number changed. I made mine The subnet should be the same as the computer above (mine is, and the default gateway is the computer's address, mine is as above. press apply and the settings should change. Check the settings have changed by pressing refresh in setIP.

    4) Okay, now you can change the settings on your printer by starting a new tab on your browser and typing the URL. (or whatever your printer's new address is). the syncthru application should come up.

    on the top tabs choose "network settings", then "TCP/IP" on the left and change the "IP address assignment method" to DHCP. scroll down and press Apply.

    Now go to "wireless" on the left, scroll down and press next to start the wizard. It should see your wireless network. Just click on it and go through the menus to put in your password etc. Make sure to hit apply, and your done setting it up.

    5) Now disconnect the cable and the printer should connect itself to the wireless network. You can turn your computer's wireless connection back on now and use setIP to find the printer. It should have a new IP address. You can also hold down the button on the printer for 5 seconds to print the configuration to confirm that it's on the network.

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