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Samsung Created a Bunch of Pro-Green Bubble GIFs to Get Back at iPhone Users Who Prefer Blue Chat Bubbles


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Apr 12, 2001

Samsung today debuted a bunch of GIFs that are meant to serve as comebacks for Android users who are maligned for their green text bubbles.

As iPhone owners know, iMessages on an iPhone are denoted with a blue chat bubble, while SMS text messages from other devices such as Samsung devices are green. That lets iPhone users know who has an iPhone and who doesn't.

iOS users often prefer texting other iOS users over Android users because SMS messages lack many of the capabilities available to iMessage users. If you've ever been in a group text with a bunch of iPhone users and one Android user, for example, you've probably run into bugs and other limitations.

iPhone users' preference for blue bubbles sometimes leads to Android users being teased or left out of conversations. Samsung's solution is, as The Verge points out, apparently a series of GIFs shared on Giphy that Android users can send to the iPhone users who make fun of them for green bubbles.

All of the GIFs feature weird animated green chat bubbles that range from creepy to bizarre. There's "Deal With It" green bubble lettering, a unicorn that stabs a blue chat bubble and turns it green, a green chat bubble with huge muscles showing off, an iguana that turns a green bubble blue, and more.

In many of the GIFs, green bubbles are seen as defeating or conquering blue bubbles in some way, suggesting SMS texts are superior to iMessage texts. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Samsung made more than 20 GIFs that are on Giphy for Android users to take advantage of, and according to The Verge, Samsung is reaching out to Instagram meme pages to ask them to share the GIFs plus the hashtag #GreenDontCare.

Article Link: Samsung Created a Bunch of Pro-Green Bubble GIFs to Get Back at iPhone Users Who Prefer Blue Chat Bubbles
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Jul 12, 2009
Can I get them delivered in a blue bubble?

In on subtle, psychological admittance of Apple’s superiority on this one (and personally I’m pretty unbiased, I’m a fan of Apple but don’t harbor ill feeling towards people that prefer Android - it’s just a phone).
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Aug 23, 2011
I like 'em. Seems like a light-hearted way to call people out for judging people based on the brand of cellular telephone they use. I'm not innocent of that all of the time, but it is an objectively dumb thing to judge someone over.
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