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Feb 22, 2020
It's definitely a breakthrough for Exynos. Samsung mid rangers won't feel like a second class citizens anymore in terms of the SoC. Hope to see new devices with it soon. It's interesting that Vivo will be the first one using it.


Jul 12, 2020
It's good to see Samsung keeping this up and not giving up because they're behind Snapdragon, which itself is way behind Apple's mobile chips. Samsung could match both someday - they've got the potential anyway.

On my N20U the Exynos 990 is noticeable stuttery compared to my XR on things like Fortnite and other tasks but it's still phenomenal power in my pocket and holds up well to my demands. The battery is abysmal compared to iPhone, but that could be to a number of factors I'm not sure how much of this is due to the 990.

But the longer Samsung keeps building these chips the better optimised they'll get. Don't forget for quite a while iPhones were powering off and failing to meet peak power in use causing a bad experience, leading to them slowing down the phones to deal with it without a restart. So the bumps along the way are just part of these chips evolving in all the best ways!

Next Stop

Nov 28, 2020
Seems like the AI performance is not that impressive. On par with snapdragon 845. 5.7 TOPS
Apple A14 is at 11TOPS and snapdragon 865 at 15TOPS.
Snapdragons 875 could peak at 30TOPS judging by the doubled increase every year.
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