Phones Samsung Flagship Prices Fall After Launch

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    That's true, I see what you mean. I've always wondered what happens to "new" phones when they are past their prime. $50-$150 is probably what I would expect to see at the end of life. But do these phones really sell? I'm curious if they go back to the manufacturer, and if so what happens to them.

    But I am not clear on why the used market isn't an important factor in this conversation and shouldn't also be an indicator of a phones value after release. There seem to be way too many factors in place to use "new" phone prices as an indicator, where with used phones the only dictating factor is supply and demand, making it a more accurate indicator IMO.
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    That's is private sellers, not resellers... I bought my edge plus after it had been out 1 week. The Samsung website had it up.for 625.

    Why are you on some mission to slate Samsung resale values...

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