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The Game 161

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Dec 15, 2010
Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is a dead cert for IFA at the start of September, we already knew that. We've seen leaked pics and some rumoured specs, too. But here's something new: the phone/tablet could come in three sizes, Technology Blogs Simplified reports.

Zauba -- which hosts India's import and export data -- lists a Samsung device with the model number SM-N900, which is said to be the Galaxy Note 3's codename. According to the database, the handset will come in 5.5-, 5.7- and 6-inch sizes. That's right, Samsung could be about to throw every size under the sun at us. Again.

The devices are listed to be winging their way to India "for R&D purpose". Lots of models are listed with different letters at the end of their codenames -- this just denotes which network they'll work on, according to Samsung Updates.

We'd heard previously that the Note 3 would come in two versions, but that the only difference would be which processor they used. Though we also heard previously that the device would come in a 6-inch version, and then another rumour said a 5.7-incher was on the cards. So maybe they're all right.

The Note 3 is said to use a xenon flash, as opposed to the Note 2's LED flash. There's also said to be a dedicated camera button to help get you snapping.

Android Jelly Bean is also expected, though there's no word on which version. Google unveiled version 4.3 this week, which debuts on the new Nexus 7, and brings user profiles to play.

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Mar 21, 2010
For me, a Note 3 could replace 2 items: My S4 and my Ipad. I really like the S Pen.( used it with a Note 8). I can "get by" quite nicely with my Retina MBP and a Note 3.


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Dec 30, 2009
I doubt the Note 3 comes in anything but one size, and that's 5.7" The Galaxy mega series were released specifically to determine the next size of the Note. I think there was a post on SamMobile that stated this, saying the 6.3" wasn't that popular because it was too big, but the 5.7" was the winner.


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Dec 13, 2012
Southern California
I read somewhere that one of the three potential display sizes would be 6.0" If so I'm a buyer for sure. I've tried every size of smartphone and tablet thus far. That experience has taught me that a 6.0" smartphone would be ideal for my personal workflow, and preferences. I could easily carry just that one device, when I didn't want to bring both a small tablet and smartphone with me.

Digital Skunk

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Dec 23, 2006
In my imagination
I am eager for the Note 3 and the new iPhone with a 5" screen. I know the latter isn't coming so I will just sit tight for the Note 3.

Sadly, the more I think about it, the less I want the Note 8 because of the usefulness and the size of the Note 2.
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