Samsung Galaxy Now Leads iPhone in USA Customer Satisfaction

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Tones2, Jul 31, 2013.

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    18:00 and an interesting thread, I will go for a beer, some black olives and will have fun :D:D:D
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    Not to be accused of being an i-this or an i-that, but confidence intervals aren't shown, so one cannot tell if there is any difference between Apple's and Samsung's products. In any case, perhaps Apple will be stimulated by this into realizing that either their long thin screen is not so clever or they will have to admit that their ecosystem is losing its edge in another domain.
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    Careful there. I am not sure but you may be close to violating one of the forums rules by trying to inject facts and logic into the thread so early!

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    What I find particularly interesting is the Galaxy Note II is tied for first place with the Galaxy S III. For Samsung to have been even more creative and bold than Apple, creating an entirely new category of device known as the Phablet is very impressive.

    Then to take that device to the top of popularity chart along with the Galaxy S III is an accomplishment of great significant.

    I own all the devices being discussed, which has been fun. It provides me with the real world experiences and a perspective to use as a comparison with what the various reviewers say about these phones.

    As a long time Apple computer user, my natural tendency is to prefer Apple. Yet after owning each and every model of iPhone, I'd be kidding myself if I said my iPhone 5 is as good as either my Galaxy S4, or Note II.

    In fact I'm hoping that the ever growing popularity of Android will be the kick in the ass that Apple needs to stop profit taking and resting on their laurels. I _know_ what Apple's capable of...and would be very happy to see them get serious about the next iPhone.

    Perhaps they're already doing that, and if so I will be the first to buy one. They've got to give it a _usable spacious_ display. Their procrastination or stubborn refusal to do so for years has cost them. Even though its undocumented, it doesn't take a genius to know that many hard core Apple enthusiasts like myself are now enjoying large screen Galaxy's simply because Apple drove us to Android.

    The "Apple Way" of dictating to their customers is both good and bad.
    Good for those who just go with the flow and look outward for guidance.
    Bad for those who think for themselves, enjoy learning and embracing new technologies.
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    Hmmm...Wonder why this poll hasn't been posted on Mac Rumors just? This site certainly was not been one to screen ANY polls or survey comparisons between Samsung / Google and Apple in the past. :)
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    Everyone's happy with their phone the first year. :rolleyes: iPhones have been around awhile that I'm pretty sure there are some, especially the ones who don't take advantage of the ecosystem, that are pretty bored of it.

    I think these satisfaction studies are BS for that reason. Do people like that the settings are a tad bit easier to navigate on Android devices? Do they like that it has the bigger screen? Or are they happy because they can actually pirate apps? :rolleyes:
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    I'm hoping I'm understanding you correctly, that you meant the pirate thing sarcastically (the :rolleyes: at the end makes me think you were being sarcastic).

    That's one of the arguments iPhone people make that really gets under my skin...that people like Android because it's easier to pirate apps. Seriously...I've been using Android on and off since the Galaxy S2 and you can see from my signature that I've had nearly every flagship device over the last year. In other words, I know my way around Android. I state that for this reason...

    I don't have the first flipping clue on how to get a pirated app on any of my Android phones. Don't have a clue. Heck, I didn't know until today (when reading a Galaxy S4 owner's review of the phone and he mentioned it) that there were dedicated app stores for porn on Android!

    However...when I was an avid jailbreaker on my 3GS and 4S, I knew exactly how to get pirated apps on my iPhone (for the record, I've never used a pirated app, not even to "test it out"). Hell, there were even sources already loaded in Cydia that listed free versions of paid apps. You didn't even need to add shady sources! They were right there in the list with their paid counterparts.

    And iOS users like to snidely comment that Android users are worse about pirating apps. I call BS. :rolleyes:
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    So only when Apple is in the lead they are valid then. :D
  11. Jessica Lares macrumors G3

    Jessica Lares

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    Near Dallas, Texas, USA
    I was joking about the pirating thing. You're right. But it's as easy to pirate an Android app just as easy it is to pirate music, so people do it. You can't deny that.

    And no, it's not valid when it's just Apple. :rolleyes:

    It's more like when you go between HTC, Samsung, and LG devices, they all look different, they all come with different versions of software. One might still be ICS, the other Jelly Bean. And they all look differently. To most people, this is refreshing, and it makes the experience much better for them. Especially with all the quirky features like S Memo and whatever.

    iOS has been the same since iOS 4. You know, for people that only use it for the pre-installed apps and making calls. There has been enhancements to the graphics, and Passport was introduced, but if you're still using an iPhone 4 from 2010, you're probably not really pleased with anything iOS 6 brought. Especially if you're that casual user who is only using it for basic tasks.
  12. ceva321, Jul 31, 2013
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    Excellent reply.....I do too own both the Iphone and the Note II and can see how much more fun (for me) Android is :)
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    as some have said already...

    I am glad samsung is putting a dent in the market as when companies compete the consumer wins.

    Will purchase the next "big" iphone release. I went from an I5 to S4 thinking I would pick up the 5s when it releases however I am not SPOILED by the huge screen and true day long battery life that my S4 offers.

    (coming from someone who hates touch wiz and running a buggy AOSP rom)
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    YAS at the Note 2 being tied as the top spot. Such a great device, that I absolutely LOVE.
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    Nailed it. :rolleyes:
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    Quirky features is one way some companies market their phones. Every company has some type of strategy and stretches the truth about how good their features and capabilities of their phone are. In reality, these features may not necessarily be that useful or work well. I find that the features I find most useful are not marketed. There are so many features on phones these days that it is sometimes difficult to find features that you really like or find useful.

    My experience with HTC and Samsung have been good, but different. Both phones allow me to do what I want to do. HTC is better in some ways and Samsung is better in others. I have yet to use an iPhone as a daily driver, so I don't have a good feel of how well it would work for me.

    Most of my family who use iOS devices are really casual users. They don't even update their OS version. I had to do an update for my father-in-law a few weeks ago and I found the process rather painful. It was an iPhone 4 with whatever version of the OS that originally came with it. I understand that OS updates are easier now. As the de facto IT support for my family, I end up seeing the worse of iOS as they come to me whenever they have issues.

    My father-in-law has a new iPhone 5 which he has yet to activate. I'm hoping that I can get his old iPhone 4 to really test it out if and when he gets around to activating it. It always seems that whatever it is I have had to do on an iOS device, it has not been a pleasant experience for me compared to my Android phones.

    Other than the odd problems, my family seems to be very happy with the iPhone. They do pretty much basic tasks. They don't even know how to install an app which falls to me. I think WhatsApp and Facebook are the most complex things they do on their iPhones.

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