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Samsung Galaxy S11 Said to Boast 108-Megapixel Camera and 5x Telephoto Lens


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Aug 19, 2017
Marques Brownlee talks about the pro’s and con’s of a 108 MP camera that’s already available. If Samsung can implement it better than the phone shown in the video, I think it would be a great addition to flagship devices. The difference in sharpness of detail anywhere in the photo is impressive



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Oct 8, 2016
The unfortunate thing is that my purchasing decisions are only 10 or 20 percent swayed by hardware. Does the phone run iOS? No. Well then, there’s nothing left to say.

I am on the other extreme. iOS 13 is the only decent version of iOS feature-wise, and that is still incredibly buggy. It is the hardware and feel that has kept me on the Apple ecosystem, but in no way I think iOS is my selling point.


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Jul 9, 2008
I have tried to make the switch. I’ve gotten close on a couple of phones. At most I can only get as far as keeping two phones on two lines and one large Note 10+ on WiFi as sort of a portable desktop and home entertainment setup.

iOS has some key features that I can’t part with. The ease of connecting with fellow iPhone users and sharing photos and videos with them in iMessage is hard to give up.

I like many aspects of Android better. The level of customization and versatility, on my Note especially, adds an ease to my day I don’t quite get on iOS. But it is an OS that puts marketing as a centerpiece to what it does. I’m not always comfortable with that.

Right now Android is a bit more stable overall as an OS but the individual apps are not. On iOS I find the overall OS still needs a lot of work but the individual apps that I use are generally of higher quality and stability.

If I can have only one, it would still be iOS and I do think very highly of my iPhone 11 Pro. I’m actually really content with it, to a level I haven’t been with a phone since my 2 years on an iPhone 4. I may actually stick with this one for 2 years. The photos I’m getting are already exactly the quality I’ve been wanting for years.

Thank you for the reply and explanation. I last used Android for about a day in 2008 on a Google Nexus and found it inferior to the iPhone 3G at the time. I'm sure it's come a long way.
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Mar 16, 2016
Wild West
Sounds like I should buy stock in memory card companies.
Samsung is the prominent one of those, I am not sure you'd like to buy their shares :)
Will probably come with the option to downscale to save time saving to memory and make handling easier. Standard toogle in preferences will be 10.8 MP... (and Photos will look quite the same ?)
But you could, you could - and that counts... ?
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (which has the same sensor) by default outputs 27MP images.
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Sep 11, 2008
5x optical zoom lens, excellent. Hope Apple do this.

24mm, 50mm, 120mm
The ideal zoom range.

(a 4th 200mm lens would be epic but I guess unlikely)


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Dec 13, 2007
Don’t really see any other way out for Samsung. They are reduced to relying on their hardware chops to make up for a nonexistent software and services portfolio.

I don’t expect this to actually do anything to reverse their declining profit margins though. They are being eaten by Apple on the premium end of the market and decimated by cheaper android alternatives on the low end.

For Samsung it is enough if they make good profits. No need to lead the premium markets or other markets!

End of the day as a company, they have wide variety of products, components and services to sell! If Apple sells more iPhone Pros or Pro Max or iPads or Mac Books, Samsung gains a lot with the supply of various components.

Samsung lived before iPhones came into existence and I am sure it will be there even if iPhones are not around (BB example).


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Oct 10, 2014
These camera wars are getting ridiculous now. Soon the back of the phones will be covered in lenses.
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