Samsung Galaxy S4 adopts Note 3 leather look, hints at S5 styling

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    Dec 15, 2010
    Not keen on the Samsung Galaxy S4's shiny plastic back? Check out this new version, which steals the Galaxy Note 3's faux-leather case. Does this point to a new look for the hotly-tipped Galaxy S5?

    The new Black Edition of the S4, as you might expect from the name, boasts a black case. The S4 is currently available in red, white or two shades of blue.

    But the new look is more than just a new paint job: the Black Edition is the first S4 to replace the shiny, glossy plastic back of previous models with a leather-effect back, complete with fake stitching. The glossy casing took stick for looking a bit cheap, although we should note that it's certainly sturdier than glass and less prone to scratches than metal.

    With the S4's sequel the S5 rumoured to be less than a month away, perhaps this is a hint that the new phone will also be decked out in Note-worthy fake leather too.

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