Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 8 drive record profits

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    Samsung made a record profit in the three months between April and June, the*Samsung Galaxy S4*and*Galaxy Note 8*helping the Korean company trouser £4.52bn profit.The hotly-anticipated S4 hit shops in April. After a slow start to the year, boffo business on the new flagship Android phone returned Samsung to its record-beating ways after posting record profits throughout 2012. *Samsung sounded a notes of caution going into the third quarter however, with a prediction that summer sales would slow despite the arrival of aslew of S4 spin-offs.Although mobile phones and tablets are the star of the show, Samsung makes a vast range of products. Smart TVs and air conditioners also helped Samsung turn a profit.To see just just what a diverse company Samsung is, hit play on our fascinating video:

    It's financials season, as companies announce their performance for the second quarter of the year. Apple made*£4.5bn profit*despite falling iPad sales, while Nokia, previously the world's largest phone manufacturer until Samsung nabbed its crown, also announced its bottom line this week:*another multimillion loss.
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    Samsung's diversity of products makes it a very interesting company to follow. After buying my Galaxy S a few years ago, I began taking a closer look at their other offerings. As a result I'm currently enjoying a 65" Samsung Smart TV, a refrigerator as well as washer and dryer. Quite a different scenario as compared to buying into the Apple ecosystem. :)
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    You might as well get a life insurance, sleep in their hotel or let 'em build a skyscraper for you.. ;) I don't know if there is anything they don't do it's kind of scary :eek:
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    your prototypical conglomerate
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    In SK they literally make absolutely everything, even cars! :eek:

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