Samsung LCD - how common is the yellow tint? (MBPr)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Udi, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Before you reply - I'm looking for someone who has seen a large number of 15" MBPr machines, this is NOT a question for someone who has owned one or two machines.

    As I understand, and as shown in this image, there's a large variation in white point even within the Samsung displays (which both of these are).

    My question for those who have seen large quantities of these is - how common is the whiter example on the right?

    In my experience, the LG panels *always* have a superior white point (amongst other things), and personally I would rather use even the IR-riddled LG panels over any Samsung display. Samsung almost always have a horrid red/yellow tinted white point compared to the LG panels, and you can't correct this with calibration. This is my experience over 30-40 machines, but I hope others here may have a broader sample size.

    I'm lined up to buy a Samsung-equipped machine (that I'm unable to view), and I'd like to know what the odds are of getting one as white as an LG.
  2. Scott M, Feb 15, 2016
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    Scott M

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    I can only speak for my current screen (2015 RMBP 13"), which was a replacement screen and it's a Samsung and the display is more yellow than the original screen I had. My brother got his at the same time as mine and upon purchase, both of our screens were identical. When I got my screen replaced, I put my MacBook next to his and it was noticeably yellow/murky compared to his. I wasn't too chuffed.

    Like you said, calibrating the screen using the calibration tool built into the computer doesn't really help.


    After browsing the internet for a while, I came across 3 Spyder calibration files which promised to improve the screen and I put them in the required folder (Library > ColorSync > Profiles > Display) which then gives them as options when you go to change your screen calibration.

    The difference is astounding. The files are here, in case you want to use them yourself.,3d7q6ueepjj4gbu,q9s07bfw7r6699w,3d7q6ueepjj4gbu,q9s07bfw7r6699w,3d7q6ueepjj4gbu,q9s07bfw7r6699w

    My screen now looks slightly better than my Brother's, who already had a nice-toned screen. I use the 3rd file.
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    Now my iPad looks yellow in comparison. My MacBook screen without this calibration file basically looks identical to my iPad and the MacBook on the left in your picture.
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    Thanks for that Scott.
    Have you got a picture comparing it to your brother's? Do you know if you both had LG panels originally, or just whiter Samsung ones? Also curious - why the replacement of the original good panel on your machine, just breakage or was there a defect?

    I'm surprised that the calibration seems to have actually affected the white point (presumably without affecting anything else), willing to give it a go.
  4. Udi, Feb 24, 2016
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    Quick update.
    I ended up getting the Samsung screen and it was roughly comparable to the LG in its display of whites (both in 15" MBPr), though slightly worse than the LG in stock guise. After installing the presets suggested by @Scott M (I found "Spyder 2" best for my panel - thanks again for sharing those), the Samsung is slightly better.

    I think there's definitely substantial variations and inconsistencies in the Samsung panels, so I wouldn't recommend them and I think Apple need to have far stricter quality and consistency controls.

    However, I'm happy enough with mine and took some pictures for comparison. I used low brightness (4 bars on both) to give a realistic idea of color. The difference isn't nearly as exaggerated as the photos suggest - and the LG was better in stock guise. However the profiles helped make the Samsung quite good / slightly better than the LG.

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    Glad it worked for you! I think the bottom left screen in your pics shows the best colour. The top 2 are too blue and the bottom right is too yellow.

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