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    For the Nexus (soon to be Nexus 2) and S3 owners out there, thought this might be a good area to list known issues, fixes and tweaks.

    There are a couple of successful roots out for the S3, I just did it in fact, and the Nexus has received the JB update.

    One of the best features I really love about my S3 is being able to use a PS3 controller to wirelessly play games like Dead Trigger, gp riptide and GTAIII. Max Payne is next on my list to get. I just like the idea of going somewhere where I know I might be waiting a while and just sticking a controller in my back pack and playing anywhere. Makes the games 100x better too.

    Need to root phone, buy sixaxis in app store, buy games, get a genuine ps3 controller and you need an otg (on the go) cable with female usb end and male micro usb for connecting to the phone.


    Please continue to add (reserved this space)
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    Here is a link to CNET with all the downloads you will need as well:

    Rooting - How to, courtesy of XDA dev MrRobinson. This is for northamerican versions excluding Verizon. I am on AT&T and this works perfectly. You will need to do this on a PC, not a Mac.

    First, download the stock Odin tar file w/rooted system image injected into it.

    Odin tar: Odin .tar file
    md5sum: 653fac8617dff19e58968d173d5ffbf6

    Next, download the Kies 2.0 software for your PC from the Samsung website.

    Next, download Odin 3.04 : Odin v3.04 Link

    Next, extract the stock_root67.tar from the file you downloaded using winzip.
    Put phone into download mode [with phone off, hold vol. down + home + power and plug in micro usb to phone and connect to computer. A promptwill come up on the phone to continue. Push thevolume up button.] Then open Odin. You should see a bluish box appear with com3 or com4, com something appear. If you do not see this, the computer is not seeing the phine and pull battery, putbatteryback in andtry again.
    Once in odin click the PDA field and select the stock_root67.tar you downloaded.
    Leave Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time checked. Nothing else should be checked, except PDA field.
    click start and when done let phone reboot. This can take 10-20 minutes. Be patient.

    If you have issues flashing with Odin please ensure you are using the microusb cable that came with the phone, users have had issues using other cables.
    If you just want a stock, rooted phone with no custom recovery, no plans to flash custom roms, etc., then you can stop here. I wouldn'tloadany romsyet.

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