Samsung Note 3 + PPC?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MrPilot, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. MrPilot, Mar 10, 2014
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    Just wondering how to enable mounting of the Samsung Note3 and transfer itunes library and other files to it. Salling Media Sync for PPC doesn't seem to be compatible with MTP?

    Android File Transfer keeps crashing on launch.

    I also have an external sd card that I can connect to the computer, but that wouldn't allow me to transfer playlists.

    Will I be forced to use my MPA or MPB?
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    Please define…

    then maybe someone can offer suggestions.
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    You may want to try Eltima Syncmate. Don't know if it will do iTunes or not though.

    The last version for PowerPC is 3.6. Check this page for the download.

    Also, here is the product page. Note that the unregistered version does have some good capabilities.
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    MTP is a USB connection method used by Android devices. The method that allows to mount the phone as an external drive is USB mass storage mode. Microsoft released MTP mode, it's "media transfer protocol".

    MBA = Macbook Air
    MBP = Macbook Pro
    Sorry, I noted I used a wrong acronym, my fault!


    Thanks mate, Though I already have that syncmate :/ will try again see if I missed something

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