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Samsung S4 active or Samsung S4?


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Dec 11, 2007
I read an article on pocketnow that said the LCD screen on the active is pretty much unusable once it gets wet. Any truth to this?

I believe that's true.


Great review. A few points that might help.

The camera should be just as good as the one on the S3 or Note 2 (so very good). I've read that the 8mp camera might work better than the 13mp on the regular S4. Some people say the one on the S4 lags because the images are so large.

Quickpic is the gallery app you want. it and be happy. Plus it's free.

Try Boat Browser. It's got a ton of options and one yet to find another browser (stock or aftermarket) that I like more.

Jellybean Keyboard Pro is my favorite keyboard by far. I like the Google Keyboard as well, but JKP's word suggestion and autocorrect are better, IMO.

I couldn't agree more on the 5" iPhone screen or notification light.

I downloaded QuickPic like a half hour before you suggested it. LOL. Yeah it seems to be a superior gallery.

I like Habit browser a great deal. If it fails me I'll try Boat.

Liking my S4 Active more with each passing day. I would be open to a 5" iPhone down the road.


Question: do any of the browsers work with, particularly the find my phone function? I know stock browser doesn't, I tried it in the store.

I don't believe so. I could be wrong.


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Jun 14, 2010
The Galaxy S4 Active's screen is much superior to the normal.

Yes, looking at the S4 and S4 active side-by-side I like the Active's screen better. Need to go look again.

Question - anyone compare the insides to see if one of the Qi wireless charging cards for the S4 will work on the Active? I'm not too fond of having to mess with the USB port flap and would love to set it up for wireless charging.


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May 20, 2011
Dublin, Ireland
If it wasn't for the buttons I'd be all over this. It's not even the look, it's that I actually have to press the buttons :p I don't even like using the home button on my S.
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