Samsung SCX-4500 Scan Over Airport Extreme?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by wehokev, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Oct 18, 2007
    I just bought a 24" Alu Mac, a Samsung SCX 4500 scanner/printer, and and Airport Extreme Basesation. (This is my first Mac ever.) Currently the printer is connected directly to my iMac via a USB cable. I had no trouble getting the print functionality to work, and only minor trouble getting the scanning to work. (See this forum post if you can not scan.) Now I want to break the working set up I have. Smart, huh?

    I would like to plug the Samsung SCX 4500 into my Airport Extreme base station. My understanding is that once I do that, the print function will still work, but the scanning functions will not. Below are excerpts from a chat I had online with an "Apple Expert" before I bought the SCX 4500. The expert with which I was speaking explained there is no supported way to enable the scan function through the Airport Extreme but there was an unsupported way.

    Unfortunately he could not tell me the unsupported way, but suggested that I search on "CUPS, Scan, Airport Extreme". See below if you are interested in the exact conversation.

    I have done some searching but have yet to find anything that I could really understand, keep in mind I am new to Mac. Has anyone successfully hooked their Samsung SCX 4500 (or some other all-in-one) to the USB port in their AirPort Extreme and got both the scanning and printing to work? How did you do it? Thanks for the help.


    Excerpts from chat:
    You are chatting with David S, an Apple Expert
    Hi, my name is David S. Welcome to Apple!
    [Other stuff deleted]
    You: the otehr question i have is about the cool black samsung printer
    David S: It's very sexy!
    You: that apple has an exclusive on
    You: yep
    David S: Can't believe how quiet it is too.
    David S: What can I help you with?
    You: if i plug that in to an airport extreme can i still scan to the iMac or (like has been teported on blogs) does the all in one need to be connected directly to the iMac?
    David S: Nope, it will work great with your Airport Extreme Base Station.
    You: even the scanning functions?
    David S: Ahh..
    David S: Scanning function will have to be directly connected at this time.You: is that an apple issue? or a samsung issue?
    David S: There is a very technical way to get it working over AirPort Extreme Base Stations, but it isn't supported by Apple.You: i don't scan much, so it is some sort of software fix that will come out later i am cool, but if there is a hardware issue either on apple's or samsung's end then...
    You: i dunno
    David S: Oh, it's definitely not a hardware issue..
    David S: Both devices have the capability, it's just getting the software behaving.
    You: there is an unsupported technical way, so it is conceivable that apple or samsung might patch it some day?
    David S: Yes, I could see that happening.
    You: can you point me to the web site that has the info on the unsupported way or is that not kosher?
    David S: Would'nt be Kosher..
    You: understood.
    You: thanks
    David S: But if I was browsing the web, I would look for CUPS, Scan, Airport Extreme
    You: cool. will do.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    Anyone? ... Anyone? ... Bueller?

    No responce, huh? Rats.

    Anyone have any other idea of where to post this question?


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    Still no one? I'm desperately looking to getting this to work.

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