Samsung Spin Point 1TB & 1.5TB drives. Can you help me with the Pro and Cons?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by kresh, Sep 19, 2009.

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    We have 3 iMacs, a Mac Mini and an AppleTV in our household. All are 2007 or newer. The hard drives have failed in each of the iMacs (Seagate Drives) and I suspect it is heat related. I have also had a hard drive failure this year with a Fantom MDU1000 1TB enclosure that uses 2 WD Caviar Green 500GB drives in a raid0 config (One of the WD drive's spindle motor buzzes and does not spin). :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I am leery of Seagate and WD Caviar Green and have been researching the Samsung SpinPoint 5400 RPM "EcoGreen F2" series. I don't care about the slower access speed, but I do care about the fact that 5200 RPM drives run cool.

    So with all of that out of the way does anyone know if these Samsung drives will not work in a 2007 White iMac or a 2008 Aluminum iMac?

    Does anyone use these drives, and if you do are you happy with them?

    Should I be concerned with this blurb from Samsung's Warranty:

    "SAMSUNG will not be responsible for lost data, and limited warranty supplied by SAMSUNG is not intended for restoration of any lost data. Additionally, any costs incurred while attempting to restore lost data will not be reimbursed by SAMSUNG , it is highly recommended that you backup your data, once your product is received at Samsung, the ownership of the product and all content therein will be transferred to Samsung" :confused:

    Thanks in advance, The Apple ecosystem is the greatest and help from the user base (especially here at MacRumors) is by far the best in the industry!
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    No, sometimes there is so much traffic here new posts sink too far down to be noticed. Just bump, like you did, and maybe somebody will have an idea.

    As for the topic, I don't have any helpful advice other than I'm pretty partial to WD drives. I've had nothing but nightmares with Seagate drives of all types. I know that they're all made in the same places by the same companies in china/taiwan/philippines/etc., but it seems like the Seagates just don't work as well for some reason.

    I wouldn't be worried about that last statement. If you've got information on your drives that you don't want to go anywhere, just don't send them in. That was the case with my last Seagate drive. It died, they insisted on having the drive back before sending a replacement (which is a reasonable request) but it had information that I didn't want going anywhere (credit card info, bank statements, tax returns, business documents) on it so I just ate the loss and went out to buy a new WD drive. I think you'll probably find the same type of language on all the warranty contracts.

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