Samsung to demo flexiable screens.

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    It will be demoed again at CES this year, but with better ppi resolution on a 4+ inch screen. But don't expect to see a Samsung phone made of this in 2013. They are still a couple of years from mass production. The screen was only part of the flex smartphone equation. The internal tech is still playing catchup. A first milestone was just reached by Samsung though in the 14nm architecture process. Samsung released this bit of info regarding this; "As we move closer to true mobile computing, chip designers are eager to take advantage of the gains in performance and significantly lower power of 14nm FinFET to deliver PC-like user experience in a mobile device..."

    And you can bet that come 2014, Apple is going to regret getting into a fight with Samsung. Flexible and unbreakable screens don't fall under FRAND, like the smaller chip process does. Of course, Samsung could license the tech to Apple. How does $50 per device sound. Karma is a bitch!

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    Also I wouldn't say that they'll be unbreakable. Bending is very different to taking a sharp impact...
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