Samsung to Use GlobalFoundries Facility as Backup for Apple's A-Series Chip Production

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    Yesterday, a report from The Times Union claimed that Apple would begin A-series chip production at an upstate New York factory belonging to semiconductor company GlobalFoundries, with the Albany newspaper's sources also stating that Samsung would be helping to set up the facility.

    AllThingsD now shares a bit more information on the arrangement, noting that Samsung will remain the primary manufacturer of Apple's A-series chips, with a GlobalFoundries facility to be used as a secondary factory on an "as needed" basis when Samsung's Austin, Texas facilities are unable to meet demand from both Apple and Samsung's own handset division.
    Samsung has long been the sole supplier of Apple's A-series chips, but Apple has been trying recently to move away from its rival for component supplies. Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple had struck a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to begin producing A-series chips, but Samsung appeared to be remaining involved as a supplier in Apple's roadmap for future chips. Samsung's move to use a GlobalFoundries facility to help produce Apple's A-series chips would appear to indicate that Apple and Samsung are indeed committed to partnering on future production.

    Article Link: Samsung to Use GlobalFoundries Facility as Backup for Apple's A-Series Chip Production
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    So, as I understand, Samsung is simply renting a FAB (or some capacity there) from GF because GF has some spare capacity (probably a lot of it). So much for Apple "dumping" Samsung as a supplier :confused:
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    I came to the same conclusion. It's funny to go back to the original post from Monday to read all the wild speculation we posited. It seems that no matter what we think, the relationship between Samsung and Apple will be continuing for some time.

    I have no dog in the fight. Sammy's capacity and QC keep products moving. I see it as a good thing.
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    My sources confirm this too.
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    Jan 23, 2013
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    Securing a plentiful, uninterrupted parts supply is obviously a good thing. iPhone 5S supply restraints also seem to be easing up.

    Our supply-chain guru 'Tim' in action!
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    What a guru. Sleep with the enemy.

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