San Francisco font on a cMBP?

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    Hey, everyone.

    The weird thing is, Yosemite + Helvetica Neue looks GOOD on my cMBP (Late 2011). I actually view it as an improvement over the older Lucida Grande system font. This is on a non-retina display, but for some reason, it works very well for me.

    Upon installing the Public Beta of El Cap, my eyes has been straining more, and the new San Francisco system font is harder to read and feels more "light." I must sadly conclude I don't like it so far. I'm 29, so age isn't really a factor.

    Is this the case with everyone else? I know liking Yosemite and Helvetica Neue is kind of already being in the minority, so to speak.
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    Myriad was never the system font. You’re thinking of Lucida Grande. Apple did (maybe still does) use some version of Myriad as its corporate font, though.
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    Oops, thanks. Edited to make the necessary change.
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    I found Helvetica Neue distinctly worse. Have you checked whether LCD font smoothing is enabled/disabled (you might need to restart)?

    Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 16.14.01.png

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