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    [​IMG] Hey guys, just like to announce our new version of Santa's Delivery.
    This is a free update to every one who has the game before.

    Santa's Delivery is a side scroller where you play as Santa Clause, and you shoot presents at houses that have christmas lights on. The game play is very simple yet addictive.
    You swipe your finger up or down to deliver a present in that direction.

    In this update we added a bunch of new features
    Dropped Support for older Operating systems (Requires 4.3!)
    • Performance fixes
    • Fixed weird Bug that allowed you to resume game after you lose.
    • Fixed iPad support so menus and text are no longer cut off.
    • Updated Graphics
    • Tutorial screen is removed, now you are shown how to play during the game
    • Combo system reworked, now works of amount of presents delivered rather than points.
    • Added achievement indicators for when you get an achievement.
    • New lives are earned after delivering 30 presents
    • Santa now shouts "Merry Christmas!" When an extra life is earned.
    • Added game power ups. You can now get extra lives, larger presents worth 2X the points, slow down the game.
    • Added 'Power downs".. If you get these you can speed santa up, or reverse the swiping gesture!
    • New sound effects.
    • Santa now blows up in a pile of presents when you lose.
    • Reworked the speed of the game.

    And with the release of this update we have currently made Santa's Delivery FREE for a limited time!

    Get it now!


    Video (sorry for laggyness, don't know what happened during upload)

    Also, like we did last year. 10% of all proceeds of this app (and any other of our apps) will be going to charity. We will be donating To the Bayat Foundation ( They will help provide blankets, jackets food, water etc. to families that are in need in Afghanistan.

    You can check out the game at
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    Last chance to get it free. It jumps up to 99 cents shortly! :cool:

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