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Feb 4, 2007
Well - i guess it lasted while it did. My dual monitors were black this morning. Nothing could wake it. I did hear this roar of fans few days ago for no apparent reason and a few random reboots with Mojave last week. I have the updated OSX and everything. Luckily I still have the old gt120 and plugged it in and my cinema display works and back on. I just tried re inserting the 580 back in and i see the fans running but nothing comes on ( i know there is not boot screen) nor a chime.

This all transpired while watching the Nvidia 3000 series release on youtube :rolleyes:

I am not sure if the card is defective? since the mac pro 5.1 is fine right now running, albeit, on the slowest gpu ever. I do have an old 7950 laying around but not sure where the cable is. Just wondering what further tests I can do the 580 or should I look to upgrade to something else?

Update: Found a thread on here with similar issues so will follow that for now.
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Nov 23, 2012
Don't know what's wrong, but a chime and boot screen are mutually exclusive. Your Mac should chime on startup whether the GPU shows a boot screen or not.

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Dec 16, 2004

What is your RX 580's power cable setup ? You should have the following if no Pixlas done.

1. Dual Mini 6 pin to ONE 8 pin

2. Dual SATA to ONE 6 pin

Have you at all changed the RX580's ROM ?


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Feb 4, 2007
Thanks guys - Flowider - the mac was starting up but no chime with the Rx580 n blank screen, I switched to the GT120 and booted fine with displayport & Cinema display. Also I have not changed anything on the mac for 2 years and I have Dual Mini 6 pin to ONE 8 pin. I will try again later since to troubleshoot when i have some more time.


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Sep 20, 2018
The GT-120 is not much of a power user. Please try the 7950 you have to rule out an issue with your backplane.


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Jul 27, 2008
Apple chime got deactivated the years back, but you can activate it again in terminal. As for the videocard...I had wonky reactions in Mojove and HS when I installed the security update 04. Not to mention long startup times untill all the indexing finished. And after that it still dumps to my backup OS because of funky program by apple. I now relegated to just using every update for 10.14.6 without the latest .04 security update and deactivated auto update. You might go to disk utility and do a diagnostic on your startup drive. I found that when I did that it did find errors in the tree and had to wipe out the boot drive and Carbon Copied it back from my backup. So might try that before looking at the GPU.
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