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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by canadadude, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Iphone comes out on the 26th and im debating whether or not to get one on a sasktel plan?I want the iphone 5 when it comes out also so this is what i might do.I could buy the i4 outright and go month to month,then when i5 comes out give i4 to wife and sign up for 3 yr sasktel plan with new i5?Anyone have any advice ,can i have 2 iphones on 1 plan when i sign up for i5?Or can i sign up for i4 sasktel plan now and then buy i5 outright and use it on sasktel plan? thanks guys
  2. BlackViper, Apr 24, 2011
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    Is your wife also on Sasktel(or willing/able to switch)and/or eligible for a hardware upgrade? You could get the iPhone 4 subsidized on your plan then get a subsidized iPhone 5 on your wife's plan later. You would simply swap the SIM cards to associate each phone with the other service plan. I generally recommend to get the subsidized price on contract as you pay the same for the service either way, having an unlocked phone only helps when you want to use it on a different carrier. In my case it was cheaper to get an upgrade from Rogers, then pay off the contract and have them unlock my phone so I could switch to Sasktel, be sure to read the fine-print if you consider this route, it may not be worthwhile for everybody.

    As of last week, Sasktel did not offer iPhone specific plans, you choose from whichever monthly plan you like. This plan will be associated with your SIM card regardless of which phone that SIM happens to be in. You can only have one SIM associated with any phone number, but you can have multiple SIM/phone numbers on one account, either on a single family-type plan or different individual plans.

    I would recommend you test Sasktel's "4G" network in the locations that are important to you as there are gaps in the coverage area which aren't reflected on the coverage maps.
  3. BuddyTronic, May 21, 2011
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    Sasktel - switch from Rogers service to Sasktel?

    I have an unlocked iPhone 4.

    My 3 year iPhone plan is coming due really soon with Rogers.

    Sasktel now offers "iPhone4" etc etc.

    SO my question is - is Sasktel offering CDMA only? Or will my normal GSM iPhone 4 work fine with Sasktel.

    I want to simply get a new sim and sign up to Sasktel with my existing iPhone4.\
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    Sasktel is HSPA

    I am currently using a Rogers-Unlocked iPhone 4 with Sasktel and it works fine for the most part. A few things to note is Sasktel does not have Visual Voicemail and the cell coverage on HSPA is spotty. Sasktel carries the GSM iPhone though their network is HSPA only; this means you will get 3G everywhere, but there will not be Edge/2g signal to fall back on. If you look at the maps, Sasktel HSPA covers more area than CDMA though HSPA will generally be a weaker signal; you should test coverage in the areas that are important to you before making any commitments.
    Also, get the $40 smartphone plan; caller ID, voicemail, unlimited text, and unlimited data/tethering. Remember that Sasktel does have and out of province data limit(200MB) if you travel.
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    Thanks, this is exactly the information I wanted to know!

    With 2 carriers, maybe Rogers will take notice when I switch to Sasktel now and try to improve as well.

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