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    I'm planning on buying a MBP high end 15 and the only thing that's preventing me from buying is the SSD+Data doubler I plan on installing with it. The question is, should I just buy now and go with a SATA 3gbps 120GB SSD or wait for the SATA 6gbps to come out? Any idea until SATA6gbps becomes an industry standard?

    As for my needs, I don't really need the MBP NOW as I already have a five year old iMac but it is uncomfortable lugging a crappy windows laptop from 2002. Ugh, I would've purchased by now if it wasn't for this dilemma, but for a $3,000 computer, I want the best investment possible.(Sales tax is high where I live heh)
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    The new drives are twice the speed for nearly the same price. If you don't need it today and you plan on keeping it a while, wait another week or two and get the latest.

    Even if you put a new SATA III drive on a SATA II port, it will be faster than the current SATA II drives.
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    Intel and OCZ are coming out with their Sata 6 drives in a matter of weeks, you might as well wait for them to release. The Vertex 3 is going to be only $250 for the 120Gb version, which is very close in price to the Sata 3 powered Vertex 2.
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    Has anyone heard or have speculations about the OWC drives?

    Maybe I'll just buy a MBP now and buy the drive later. Would this be ok, that is the MBP wouldn't be changed from now to June?
  5. Lenry, May 11, 2011
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    3 vs 6 GBPS sata busses

    It looks like the newest SSD's will nearly saturate the SATA II bus under ideal circumstances, so maybe it would be more future proof to wait until the Macs use SATA III?

    Actually my MBP is 3 gbps, or bits per second, not bytes per second. It's about 1.5 years old now.


    I called Apple Care and the guy says the current MacBook Pro and the new I-Mac is 6 gbps or sata revision 3. But the thunderbolt port is 10 gbps so theoretically you could use an ssd raid drive setup and boot from your external ssd raid via thunderbolt and really have something fast.

    Has anyone tested this yet?

    Also this article offers some interesting cost effective possibilities in the future. Steve Jobs your thoughts?

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