Satellite Iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Justinerator, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Jun 26, 2007
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    I got this info from my dad, whom I believe is not a legit source. He SWEARS ON HIS LIFE that this is not hogwash (hehe, hogwash :D) though. I personally don't believe this, and I won't until I see it. Just telling you this now so you won't flame me or anything...

    Anyways.... So yesterday my dad went to a tradeshow in long beach (in CA) and personally talked to a CEO of (insert company name here when I ask my dad later tonight... some satellite company I would assume), which told him that apple and (the company) just signed a contract which will be put into effect in March of '09, where iphones will use both satellite radio and music off of itunes. They (the Iphones) will have 3G by then says the CEO, which will allow users to download OTA firmware updates via satellite receiver in iphones and from cell towers in the area.

    That's all my dad told me, and it sounds like that was all he could get out of the CEO. I'll ask him again tonight to see if he did learn anything else from the CEO, and I'll get the name of the company from him too.

    Like I said before, I don't believe this to be true, especially knowing the nature of apple's contracts and how secretive they generally are. But I personally think this would be a nice addition to the already sweet Iphone.

  2. TEG macrumors 604


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    Might be interesting, but I thought, by your title, that you were talking about an Apple made SatPhone.

  3. rje macrumors regular

    Feb 12, 2008
    Yeah I thought he meant a SatPhone too.

    I don't think anything about this is far fetched. I think it's probably going to happen.
  4. yagrax macrumors regular

    Jul 30, 2007
    Might be feasible that they pipe XM-like radio via 3g data from cell towers, but not directly from "satellites" orbiting above. Hardware required on the iPhone would be to "large" to fit I'd imagine.

    Kinda what that 'hack-app' does that allows you to listen to internet radio stations via the Edge or wi-fi data network.

    Direct to satellite I doubt.
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    Jun 9, 2007
    There probably was some miscommunication..

    If the satellite company wasn't ATT, then i really doubt this is legit. The guy was probably just making this up to impress.

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