Save all photos to the cloud and not on iPhone 6 - is this possible?

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    Hello all,

    Mods, I am sorry if this isn't in the right place so feel free to move it if you need to.

    I am trying to figure out my iPhone 6 + and where/how it manages pictures and videos.

    I look under Usage and it says I have used 10.4 gig under Photos & Camera but I only have about 400 pictures on my iPhone. I know 400 pics doesn't equal 10.4 gig, so I am trying to figure out where the 10.4 gig is coming from. I have paid to upgrade my storage to 20 gig a month.

    Is there a way to auto upload each picture taken into Photos (beta) and not store them on my iPhone? I don't really need to store them on my iPhone and would rather have all my pics in the cloud to free up space on my iPhone.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Jul 18, 2011
    Check your deleted folder in the photos app? Apple has tweaked it so that recently deleted photos and videos are still stored on your phone, where they take up space. It could be a massive video that you recently took and deleted?

    Currently, not that I know of. The next thing is to optimise your photos (basically, upload your photos and replace them with low-res images on your phone, but it will still take up some space). Otherwise, the next best thing might to be go with another photo storage service like flickr (basically upload the photos you want to keep, then delete them from your phone). Flickr does give 1 TB of free storage, and you can always mark them as private if you don't want people viewing them.

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