Save As To Desktop Question


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Apr 20, 2012

Still a bit confused over this.
I may have asked something along this line a way back, but let me please ask
again; that old-age problem, probably.

I have a page that I opened up in Safari.
I would like to save a Link to it on my Desktop.

So, I do the normal Save As, to the Desktop.

Two items show up on my Desktop:
One, the actual page (link) that if i click on it, the page shows; great. This seems to be what I want.

But also a Folder with a zillion items in it. Same name.
What is this, please ?

What do i do with this Folder ? Leave it on the Desktop with the actual "Link" ?
Really don't want to as it just clutters up my Desktop even more.

Do I need it ?
Just put it in the Documents Folder to the right of the Divider on the Dock ?


Thanks, as always,


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Feb 20, 2009
Do you want to save a "webloc" (web location) file?

Then, do this:
1. go to the page you want
2. put your pointer up in the URL bar and click on the text in in, just one click. The entire URL should become "highlighted".
3. Now, "click, hold and drag" the little icon that is immediately to the left of the text.
4. Drag it over an "open spot" on the desktop and "drop it" -- let it go.
5. You should end up with a file icon that is a webloc.
6. Double-clicking the webloc will "take you back" to that page.

You can move these little webloc files around and keep them wherever you want.