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    I have both my work (MS Exchange) and personal (iCloud) contacts sync to my iPhone. When adding a new contact on the iPhone it doesn't give me the option on where I would like to save, automatically defaults to save to my work contacts. I don't know how or see the option to save the contact to personal (iCloud) or work (MS Exchange).
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    You only get one default, unless you keep changing it.

    In Settings>Mail, Contacts and Calendars it allows you to set the default group for Contacts. Whatever that is set to is where your contact will go.

    Other than changing this here (as you wish, each time you want to enter a contact) there is no other place to change it. You will never be asked what group you want to place your contact in because it goes by this default in Settings.
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    This is true even if, in the Contacts app, you aren't showing the default contact group (account).

    This situation has always annoyed me.

    The workaround for Mac owners with the OP's situation would be to use Contacts on their Macs to correct which service with which a particular contacts syncs.

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