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    Hey everyone,

    I could really use your help. My mom passed away on Saturday after a long fight against cancer. In the past few days i've been going through the messages we sent back and forth on iMessage and Whatsapp (they go back a year or so), and I realized they are something i'd really like to hang on to. We had a lot of funny exchanges and it also reminds me of a lot of the events that happened over the past year. The thing is i'm not really sure how to go about saving them and I would be devastated if I were to lose them. Any advise would be great on how I can save these would be amazing and a big help. Thank you.

    PS. I already have Whatsapp backed up in icloud but I would prefer something I can open up via a word or pdf and not need to rely on the program to open them..
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    Sorry to hear about your Mom. There are several third party apps that can save your iMessages and convert them to PDF for permenant storage or even print them out. The one I have been using is called iExplorer ($35.00 for the basic app.). It saves messages, photos, notes, and others. I believe you can download a trial version to test with.

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