save ladybug--insanely simple yet addictive game(by acokla)

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    Nov 8, 2011
    Hi,I am glad to recommend all u guys our company's latest casual game which just hit the Top new and noteworthy

    Game name: Save ladybug

    ★ The most popular and lovely casual game at present
    ★ The “cut” playing is populared among tens of millions of iPhone players
    ★ Professional audio engineers offer you ground-breaking visual and sound effects
    ★ Not simply an amusement game ,but a game that enables you to exercise your vision and reaction ability
    ★ Three combos,five combos,ten combos! The more spider it has, the greater effect it will bring to you!
    ★ Get gemstones by killing spiders! The spiders carry all kinds of gemstones. When you kill them, they will drop corressponding gemstones. But it depends on if your speed is fast enough!

     Game introduction:
    Soaking up too much evil powers, all gemstones have become evil spiders which specialize in catching passing careless beneficial insects.But now, there is a little flying ladybugs who was sloping away when flying bumped into the trap set by the spiders, and you found them when passing by! Come on, kill spiders and get gemstones as many as possible! Please beware that don’t let spiders bite our small ladybugs!

     Two games available: time mode and unlimited mode-

     Time mode: With 90 seconds,, it extends 30 seconds compared to other games so that brings you carefree feeling of playing.
     Unlimited mode: Unlimited time,you can play until the spider eat the ladybug or you kill the ladybug by accident. As long as your reaction is fast enough ,you may have unlimited time to enjoy the game !


    Ground-breaking visual and sound effects
     Killing more than three spiders at one time can form double hit
     Simple yet addictive
     Quick response speed
     Relaxing and tense game process
     Eight kinds of spiders and five kinds of gemstones
     There is one kind of spider named black widow spider, which is the boss in the game
     Two time modes available
     Various scenes modes can be choosen
     Support openfeint、facebook、twitter
     More wonderful traits are waiting for you to find!





    itunes link:

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