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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by donaghy, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Hi all, I have a login form that will take the user's username and password. I want to store this and access it whenever i want when i go to another form. Id prefer not to pass it to each form and store as a declared property on each form. I thought it would be possible to create a class with a username and password property and read and write to this. I created an instance of this class and write the values to the properties but of course this will drop when i release the instance.

    What would be the best method to do this?

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    I would suggest the use of NSUserDefaults for this task.
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    What you're asking about is called a singleton. The app delegate, for instance, is a singleton. So are things like NSFileManager, the UIApplication object, and others. Apple does have some description about how to write a singleton object in Objective-C.

    The way I would do this would be to create a class that has a couple class methods that return the name and password properties. Something like this

    @interface MyUserCredentials : NSObject
    Because of how Obj-C works you need to store the strings as file scope statics.

    If you want to store the strings between runs of the app you should store them in the keychain.
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