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    Apr 29, 2014
    I just started my new job at a print shop as a graphic designer. They recently added a windows sever to host job log, emails and other windows related files. BUT, they also proceeded to move artwork from the art dept onto the server (mainly files created in Adobe products). They used to store art files on external drive but for some reason they want all art to now be saved on the windows server (Active and completed files). We have already ran into search issues, permission issues, along with number of other issues with mac files.
    The question of the day is: Can anyone recommend the best way to save files to Windows server. Is there special software such as DAVE that might help. My thought is to setup a mac server and possibly have that mirrored to the windows server. IE: Thinking this would make it easier for us graphic guys to access the art files easily by searching and have no permission issues. Anyone ever setup a windows server and have mac files saved to the windows server. Thanks.
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    Communicate with your PC server with AFP.


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