Resolved Saving Pages Docs to computer AND iCloud?

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    Dec 31, 2012
    And nevermind! Through more exploration, I figured it out. In case anyone else has a different answer/has this question, here it is: as long as the documents were uploaded to iCloud previous to loss of internet, you can still access them via iCloud on your computer. So, say, you create a document and save it to iCloud on Monday when you have internet, then the next day you're driving and have no internet, you can still get the document. You can even save it to iCloud - it just won't actually upload until you have internet again.

    If anyone else sees this and this is wrong, please feel free to let me know. Thanks for your understanding!!!!!


    So, I just downloaded Pages on my Macbook and have been experimenting. I really like it so far, but it seems I've run into a conundrum. When opening previous (Word) documents and saving them to iCloud via pages, it doesn't save the file as a document back to my Mac. This is all fine and well when I have internet connection, but if I don't have internet, then I'm stuck with outdated versions of my documents with my most recent edits stuck in cyberspace. Is there a way to automatically save/backup to both iCloud and my Mac at the same time to avoid saving twice (which can become time consuming)?

    Please and thank you!
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    Basically yeah, you're just saving your document to a special iCloud folder, which auto-syncs everything in it. Specifically, in Users/[name]/Library/"Mobile Documents". It even changes the folder name from Mobile Documents to iCloud, and gets its own icon too.
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    Thanks so much! Yeah, now the only problem is uploading/attaching files to emails and whatnot...I can't seem to get to it from iCloud, and I don't have a "Library" folder....Not sure what happened there. Help?

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