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Dec 28, 2009
I seen a lot of the pictures on here, and honestly I let it get to me. I finally got my hands on a friends iP5 black and he said it came with the scuff marks. I can say I have OCD tendencies but this "scuff-gate" is getting blown way out of proportion!! I'm not trying to bash on those who are complaining, just saying its not a big deal. Now I have the bug as if I never owned an iPhone...October couldn't come any faster!!


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Sep 21, 2009
Mine came with no scuffs, as I would imagine 99% of all new black iPhone 5s did. That 1% all just happen to be here complaining.

sorry dean, this is incorrect. there have been many people, including me, who have gone back to the store to exchange only to see replacements nicked and scratched out of the box. normally yes, only the complaints show up - but this time it seems to be 50/50, or 25/75. I was able to get a perfect one eventually, but went through 3 before that. and it wasn't me, the employee himself saw them and agreed.
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