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Jul 10, 2007
Ok, there are lots of inspirations, from Braun to Marc Newson's Ikepods, and early touch screen Casios, but have a look at the Omega Marine Chronometer, circa 1974...



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May 8, 2015
Thanks for this! The text on that watch looks like the complications on the Apple Watch and I'm impressed by how good they both look. However, I do believe that the Jony/Marc team improved on the crown size, but I guess that's form following function since the 1974 watch didn't need the crown used very often. That link band design looks great then and now.

Damn, I was 14 when that watch was made. A young coworker said my Apple Watch's link bracelet looked "futuristic" so maybe there's a wormhole for futuristic design.
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Jun 5, 2010
cogito, ergo zoom.
Marvelous find. There are only so many ways to make something that is comfortable on one's wrist. But all fine watches share common elements and this shows it well.

Interestingly that Omega sold for $1750 in 1974- the same as an entry level Edition today, adjusted for inflation.
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I think the Apple Watch takes a lot of cues from this Ikepod Manatee:


Of course we already know that it used Newson's 1996 sport band:


Even the Ikepod watch container shape and bands in little paper slips are similar:


Of course, the digital crown was not a new idea. Even the colored dot had been done.

I think the main thing that Jon Ive contributed was this Apple styling cue:



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Jun 10, 2015
That Omega Marine looks like it already has a case protector on it!

I love the design of the Apple sport band and being such close friends (and now co-employees at Apple) clearly Jonny was inspired by Marc's band design when it came time to design one for the Apple Watch. The addition of the adapter built into the band was IMO one of the best design updates for a watch/band. I hate playing with lugs and spring bars and changing bands is just so so easy to do now. And adding removable lugs like on the Classic band and providing the design guidelines for it is one of those things that gives Apple Watch the wide range of looks it has adding to it's appeal. It really frees up people to alternate bands every day although I wonder if they thought people would do that so frequently.

Traditional watches have always had crowns but is this the first time the crown was used to control info screens on the watch like it does? I don't count using the crown to push in to do a function as the same thing.
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