SC II on iris pro?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by offthehook, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Jan 31, 2013
    Hey guys and gals!

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find it using the search forum function or on the web. How is Starcraft II running on an Iris Pro?
    I'm in the market for a new MBP (will buy either a October 2013 Base with Iris pro or a 2012/early 2013 if I still can get my hands on one over here) Obviously I would love to have the 650M but is seems refurbished models are selling like there's no tomorrow

    I will game on my console but want to play SC II and Diablo 3 on Mac as I love Blizzard games.

    Would be great if you could post your settings and max fps.

    Cheers guys and many thanks
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    Dec 5, 2009
    I did a bit of tinkering with a replay from the big game hunter map. It is quite intensive 4v4 with no unit limits. Mid game battles ran well on both GPUs.

    My setting:
    2880x1600 (that part is just brilliant)
    ultra textures
    medium shaders
    low lighting
    reflections off
    models high
    physics med
    the rest usual medium settings

    AA isn't need at that resolution it is so sharp and you won't notice anything that might need AA.
    In a battle 13 minutes in (lots of stalkers, zealots, lings) (about 3 60-80 supply armies clashing)
    750M 55-65fps
    Iris Pro 40-49 fps

    I lowered textures because I assumed the Iris Pro would benefit form it as the nvidia should primarily have much more texture power. It doesn't change too much. Iris Pro still only gets to 45-51. Textures doesn't seem to be an issue or a performance killer at least not in this game. Quite honestly you cannot lower textures below high on 2880x1600 or you might as well play at a lower resolution. It looks quite stunning though with ultra on that res.

    For the most part Iris Pro should pull of those settings just fine.
    This was just a replay but it should require the same graphics load, only the cpu side should really change on live multiplayer.
    I do remember the fps with those same settings playing this game on the 750M and one late game battle about 4 times bigger than the one above did push the 750M down to about 30fps. So I guess the Iris Pro might be in a little trouble at that point. Putting models from high to low should help out a lot in big battles and changes little in visuals. I also only put physics on high once because I like the zergling ragdolls so much. You really don't need them and in game I am usually too stressed out to really notice. That removes again load from big battles and the CPU.

    All in all Iris Pro does very well in that game. I think the game requires fairly little memory bandwidth and primarily enjoys lots of CPU speed. Difference in looking at a base are higher. The 750M can peak at 100 fps where the Iris Pro is still at 60fps. But I feel like that part really doesn't matter. It is important to have the late game fps high enough to still be able to micro battles. As the CPU seems to important changing resolution and textures really almost comes for free it appears.

    I don't have Diablo 3 but I can run test other stuff on SC2. Since Diablo works from the same perspective and probably with a similar engine I am guessing it is about the same with less CPU dependence because battles usually have a lower unit count but more flourish (effects in battle). It is possible that Diablo may be run better at lower res with higher settings on the remaining stuff. I feel like most of the higher settings in SC2 aren't worth it over pure detail.
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    Jan 31, 2013
    not reall helpful as the OP only tested the game with just a few zerlings in the base. the army cap is 200 so a few zerlings will tell nothing performancewise, but thanks anyway


    thanks for the info and the help buddy! there are so many helpful people on here, thanks!

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