Scaled 2D drawing to show 3d subject (Axonometric)

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    I'm trying to get my head around different was of representing designs (architectural).

    I work in Google sketchup and autocad.
    I make a 3d model in SU then export plans, sections + elevations.
    I also export isometric drawings with a parallel perspective.
    I then go in autocad and format layers, lines, add annotation and drawing conventions and clean up the exports to create a very fast and accurate workflow.

    But I would like to export an Axonometric drawing I believe, basically I want to produce a 2d set up lines in autocad which show a 3d scene but to scale. I have posted this on the SU forums to see if there is a way to set up the view this but was wondering if someone here had any pointers and also a basic explaination of Axonometric drawings.

    Theres no point in trying to draw the Axonometric drawings to scale in autocad from scratch! :/
    All the angles and conversions will get too complex.

    I have found the attached image which is exactly what I want.

    Also is this actually called an Axonometric or an isometric?


    Link to the SU forums thread I've made:

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    I can't help you software wise, but conceptually its important to understand that an isometric drawing IS Axonometric. More specifically, it is one type of
    Axonometric drawing...

    to my eye, the image you have attached is not isometric, but would be considered an "oblique projection".
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    awesome thanks, I'll have a read, I actually solved this problem and I know this will come up on search engines so heres the solution. pretty easy to do. correct to 1mm for every 100km in model, ... so yeh, accurate!

    Sorry to link to another forum but I've contributed to the thread to finish the solution. theres a sketchup file to download then just group, copy and paste your model + scale it by ...

    blue axis scale value = 9.068228873
    red axis scale value = 1.003053768
    green axis scale value = 1.003054401

    then export :)


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