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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Centst, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Help! I have a relative who mistakenly called up a company who popped up in Safari, and thought they were talking to Apple Support. This Company logged into their computer using LogMeInRescue and maybe something else.

    My relative is not a tech person so I'm unable to get much more info than this. And the fact this company wanted to charge a few hundred a year for a Service plan.

    What would be the next steps to take. The computer has been taken offline. And the old Router and Airports unplugged. Besides changing passwords from elsewhere, how can we scan the computer to find out what's on it. And the problem with scanning is a program would need to be downloaded and if connected to the Airport or Router it may still be monitored by this company.

    Which brings up, how do you connect online without compromising the situation again? Thanks for any help!!
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    The software you'd download would be malwarebytes:

    I'd recommend to download etrecheck first, let it run and post the result here:

    Some people here including me can help you identify if there is running anything fishy on the Mac.

    You might want to create a second user on the Mac first in order to all the stuff mentioned afore.
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    Rok73 - Sorry it took me time to get back to you. Had a few questions before downloading and scanning.

    If we connect online and they installed something wouldn't they be able to follow us changing the router password?

    And along those lines, I've been reading that routers can remain a problem. Are they, and does resetting them clear them from any problems?

    I can see connecting online and changing the Basestation password and if they installed a key logger, that they can remain a step ahead no matter what you do. I see your advice on the 2nd User account, but if it is comprised, it seems they would still have the changes we would make after connecting the first time.

    I hope this makes sense. I'm trying to trouble shoot from long distance to someone that is not familiar with doing this kind of stuff. I definitely appreciate your help though!

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