Scam or not?


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Apr 14, 2002
Sydney, Australia
Theres a guy in Italy trying to sell an Australian road-registered car at a really underpriced price. On request for him to send it to Australia (from Italy) prior to payment, he sends an email as attached. It reminds me of the p-p-powerbook thingie in another thread recently. Is legit?

Don't worry because I understand you perfectly!You
don;t know me and you can't just send someone 5000AUD
without having any guarantee that you will receive the
car!So I will respect your decision on seeing the car
before sending me any money!
The thing is until now 2 persons have tried to scam me
so this is how I suggest we do the deal. You do not
want to send the money directly to me and wait for me
to send the car along with the papers and I do not
want to send the car and wait for you to send the
money so this is how I suggest we do .We can make our
business through in this way
both of us will have the assurance that we need. By
dealing with a third party means dealing* with a
neutral party, a company that verifies if the
merchandise is* sent and corresponds to what seller
agreed with the buyer and release* the money only
after the merchandise was accepted. This is how a
transaction setup at works:
 1. Both parties get registered with the following
details: buyer and* seller name, address, phone
number, email, item sold or purchased,* price,
 2. Both parties will receive a confirmation with the
details of the transaction and a number to identify
the transaction on;
 3. Buyer sends the funds to;
 4. After the funds have been received at, a confirmation email will be
forwarded to the seller in order for it to ship the
 5. The item purchased is inspected by the buyer (the
inspection period is agreed with the buyer). After the
buyer confirms to that the
item is as agreed with the seller, the funds are
transferred to the seller name.

If the buyer does not agree with the merchandise by
any reason, the merchandise will be sent to .The merchandise will be sent
to the seller after the seller will cover the shipping
and money transfer expenses. Also the entire amount
sent by the buyer will be refunded (including money
transfer expenses).After the payment will be confirmed
by Trade Secure World I will send the car along with
papers to prove and you could verify it .You will have
a test period in which you can do with the car
everything you want (except destroy it of course).If
after the test period you agree to keep the car you
will inform Trade Secure World of your decision and
they will transfer the money to me. Rest assured that
if everything will be perfectly safe as I won't be
able to touch the money until you will agree to the
car and inform that you wish
to keep it. If by any chance you do not want to keep
the car I will arrange for the shipment back to me and
you will receive your money back from the escrow
If everything is ok with you then please reply me soon
with your decision!

Thank you!

Sun Baked

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May 19, 2002
Nope, that's got the scam code inside it...
Our background
The trust accounting engine supporting Trade Secure World 's technology was developed by Micro General Corp. in 1985. Since then, the platform has been used to manage over $1 trillion in escrow transactions at Fidelity. Re-engineered for the new demands of e-business, it is a highly secure and reliable settlement engine that automates all components needed to complete an online transaction.

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
Hmmm... no contact details except an email address.

Then this...

"Trade Secure World fully licensed (sic) and accredited as an escrow company license #963-1167"

Licensed with whom? And there's also the small matter of the typo in that statement...

Also, a Google for an exact name match looks like this

Nothing to go on, but hardly reassuring.


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Nov 12, 2004
Scam Central!! That website gives no address or phone numbers, only a website address. It also doesn't state anything about the history of the company, only the history of whatever transaction technology they are using.

Depending on the amount, tell the guy you'll use Paypal or nothing else. I'm sure he'll have a problem with that. I ran into the same situation with an Apple computer and they kept asking me to submit to a bogus online escrow service.

Kick em in the ballsack... :D

Sun Baked

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May 19, 2002
Remember's escrow service was developed by Micro General Corporation, e-Bay bought the entire subsidiary -- Internet Escrow Services.

They are the only ones using it.

Basically anyone claiming to use it is most likely a fraud.


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Oct 19, 2004
Seriously, looks like a total scam. Click on their verisign link link from the main page.

They didn't even bother to change the text that says (emphasis added):

"To ensure that this is a legitimate VeriSign Secure Site, make sure that:

1. The original URL of the site you are visiting comes from

2. The URL of this page is .

3. The status of the Server ID is Valid."

Oh, the pretty flags!
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