Scammer Alert: Bought a broken G4 Mini in the Forums

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jecko024, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Jecko024 macrumors member


    Feb 21, 2007
    So, over in the Marketplace, Stevey500 was selling a broken G4 Mini which can be seen here:

    I had originally offered 35-45 dollars for this as had been seen in my post, but upon saying, through PM, that I could not go over 65, he said he would sell everything to me for that price. I agreed, got pictures (not clear, but enough so I knew the mini existed) and sent him five dollars to hold the mini for a week or w/e until I could send him the money, which he also agreed would be fine. During that week, I did some research, just lookin around, and decided maybe the 65 was a little high, and sent him a message that said that 65 seemed as if it may be high, and he responded saying 45 would do, which I agreed to. I sent the $45 a day or two later than I had intended, but everything seemed alright. Being as this was around Easter weekend, he went out of town and didn't reply to some messages concerning the shipment, for which he apologized later and said he would ship that day. Few days later I asked if he had the tracking number which he sent to my email some time later, which showed the package wasn't shipped until around a week after he said he would ship it. So another week goes by, I get the mini, and upon opening it (which was probably in the worst packing job I had ever seen), I see that he had not mentioned a LOT of things, as well as he didn't ship everything he said he would, which can be seen in the last post of the above link, as well as things that were damaged that he never mentioned. So, figuring he had a reason to not send, or tell me about these things, I sent some emails (as his PM box is full) and now, a week later I still have no response although he has been on the forums during this time. At this point I am very frustrated and feel I was scammed, and luckily not for a huge amount of money, but still, I would like what I did pay for, and what he said he would include, which I understand only he can do, so I am hoping he reads this, understands his mistakes and ships me the items.

    In essence, I want everyone to know, that Stevey500 is a lier, and a scammer, and should not be dealt with, and I will continue to believe this until I get a response from him explaining what went wrong.

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